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Oct 16, 2008

Not So Distant

I suspect that the Armenians and Sindhis are long-lost relatives. How do I suspect this? Well, for the most part, Armenian surnames end in -ian. Sindhi ones end in -ani. The observant among us will discern immediately that the two suffixes are anagrams of each other.

Okay, lame, I know. But I'm kinda jobless at the moment.

Advani, Ailani, Aswani, Bharwani, Bhavnani, Bhudrani, Bhutani, Chotrani, Chugani, Dayanani, Dadlani, Dargani, Daswani, Devnani, Fulwani, Gagnani, Gangwani, Hardasani, Hariramani, Harjani, Hathiramani, Hiranandani, Kalwani, Khiyani, Khoobchandani, Kripalani, Lalwani, Malkani, Mahtani, Manwani, Melwani, Mirchandani, Mirwani, Mulani, Nanwani, Raghani, Ratnani, Sadharangani, Sadhwani, Sahani, Samtani, Sangtani, Shamdasani, Tolani, Vasandani, Vaswani.

There's actually a compendium available.

I used to know a guy called Avadhani who was upset that people mispronounced his name as Advani. "I'm not Sindhi," he would wail. "I'm Konkani."

But Konkani could be a Sindhi surname, too, eh?


Anonymous said...

yes. utter joblessness. did I tell you my theory that Americans are long-lost relatives of Bongs. For instance, we all know the bong fondness for substituting 'V's with 'B's - Bijoya, Bipin etc..

William is Will in the UK, but (hold your breathe, Bill in the US). tada. :)

Fëanor said...

Most astute, BM! And Victoria is Vicky in England but Bicki in the US! Drat, that doesn't work... :-)

[Although if you followed Star Trek - The Next Generation, you may recall the first officer was called Will Riker. American chap.]

Slogan Murugan said...

In Salan Rushdie's "shalimar the clown' he has a story about how the Gujars, gujarat. gujjars, gujranwalla, etc are named after Georgians who slowly migrated to India.

Fëanor said...

SloganMurugan: thanks for the comment, and welcome to the blog. I see you're quite the Rushdie fan? Am not sure why the Gujjus are related to the Georgians, whose last names invariably end in -adze. Perhaps you could illuminate? :-)

Anonymous said...

Fëanor, ah, you see, them bongs do have a 'V' in their alphabet. But when and how it is used, is hard to predict. So there.

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