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Apr 10, 2009

A Chechen Folk Tale

There's a rather neat repository of folk tales from the peoples of the old Soviet Union to be found here. They have been translated from various tongues into Russian, and I took the lightest of the Chechen ones and translated it into English over at Sundry Translations and Other Tangentialia. As folk tales go, it's not that great, and I suspect much colour has been lost while moving from Chechen to Russian to English. Still, there you have it.


Maddy said...

when u get time, read the tales of Nasereddin Hodja of Turkey, he led an interesting time. will stand you in good stead before you set out to Turkey.

here are some samples.

Fëanor said...

Maddy: thanks for the links. I read several Hodja stories in a book (can't recall its name, sadly) years ago, but perhaps there's overlap with these. Will get right on it!

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