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[There once used to be a neat little website for the North London Walkers describing some interesting walks in this great city. It no longer exists. Luckily the time machine that is has snapshots of it from before it went kaput. I’m reposting the (slightly) re-edited versions here, with added pics.]
This Trail is 10 Kilometres long and starts at the famous Angel, Islington crossroads.  You then travel South into the Medieval suburb of Clerkenwell, home from the 12th-16th Centuries of the Knights of St.John of Jerusalem (Knights Hospitaller), and now the home of the Order of St.John, instituted by Queen Victoria.
1805 Clerkenwell Map The route then takes you through Smithfield and past the Medieval St.Bartholomew Hospital to the Central Criminal Court, more commonly known as the Old Bailey.
You then enter the City of London and proceed to Sir Christopher Wren's masterpiece, St.Paul’s Cathedral.  Then on to the Mansion House, the residence of the Lord Mayor of London, before making your way along the River Thames to the Temple.
The route then enters the City of Westminster and winds its way through the 'West End' (Covent Garden, Leicester Square & Piccadilly Circus) to the Marble Arch.
Start :-Angel Tube Station (Northern Line)
Upon emerging from the tube station turn left. At the junction of Islington High Street and Pentonville Road cross over and continue walking along St. John’s Street.
J Smith & Sons Clock at Goswell Road
1. On the corner of St. Johns Street and City Road there is a building. At the top of this building there is an engraving giving the buildings former use. What was the building originally and when was it built?
Finsbury Town Hall (by Alan Stanton)

Turn right into Roseberry Avenue (2nd Right). Travel along Roseberry Avenue past Sadlers Wells Theatre, Spa Green and the Fleet River Head. Turn left into Garnault Place, this runs down the left hand side of the old Finsbury Town Hall. At the end cross over the road into Exmouth Market.
2. Above the door to No.56 Exmouth Market there is a blue plaque. Which famous clown does it commemorate and when did he live here?
Clerkenwell House of Detention during visiting hours Almost at the end of the market turn left into Pine Street, continue straight down Catherine Griffith Close and into Northampton Road. Turn left at the end of Northampton Road into Bowling Green Lane. At the end of Bowling Green Lane, the junction with Northampton Road and Tollerton Road, turn right into Clerkenwell Close. Follow Clerkenwell Close round past the House of Detention (demolished in 1890, but with prison tunnels extant underground) and St. James Clerkenwell and on into Clerkenwell Green.
3. The notice board of St. James Clerkenwell gives details of its history. Since when has there been a church on this site and when was the present building completed?
St Johns gate by Phil Phillips
Here you will find the former Clerkenwell Assizes, then a Masonic Hall, and the Karl Marx Memorial Library. Turn left towards Aylesbury Street then turn right into Jerusalem Passage. This emerges into St. John Square, cross over Clerkenwell Road and walk towards St. Johns Gate. This is the last remnant of the priory of St. John of Jerusalem, it is today a museum and the headquarters of the Order of St. John. Pass under St. Johns Gate and continue along St.Johns lane, bear right at the end of the lane, along St.Johns Street and across Charterhouse Street to Smithfield Meat Market. Pass through Smithfield Meat Market (Grand Avenue), across West Smithfield, towards St.Bartholomew's Hospital. Follow the road going around to the right in front of the hospital (West Smithfield /Giltspur Road).
4. On the wall of St.Bartholomew's Hospital (about 10 yards from the corner of West Smithfield and Little Britain) there is a memorial plaque. Which famous Scotsmen does it commemorate and why?
Elephantine knockers: Cutlers Hall
At the traffic lights turn left into Newgate Street, passing the Old Bailey Central Criminal Court, then turn right into Warwick Lane, past Cutlers Hall and Stationers Hall. At the end of Warwick Avenue turn left and go along Ludgate Hill/Cannon Street, past St.Pauls Cathedral to Mansion House tube station. Turn left here into Queen Victoria Street, go past the remains of the Temple of Mithras and the City of London Magistrates Court to The Mansion House.
5. On the corner of Mansion House, below the street sign (Walbrook) there is a square blue plaque. What building formerly stood on this site?
Mansion House
Turn right at the Mansion House into Walbrook, past St. Stephens Walbrook to Cannon Street. Turn right and go back towards Mansion House tube station. At the Station turn left into Queen Victoria Street and go past Cole Abbey Presbyterian Church and the Salvation Army Headquarters to Peters Hill, opposite the Royal College of Arms. Turn left into Peters Hill past the City of London Boys School and down the steps leading to the River Thames. At the bottom of the steps turn right and walk along the Embankment, under Blackfriars Bridge and past HMS PRESIDENT. Cross over the road and turn right into Middle Temple Lane past the Middle Temple, Inner Temple and the Temple Church to the end of the lane. At the end of the Lane cross over the Strand and turn left past the Law Courts and St. Clement Danes and follow the road round to the right past Australia House and into Kingsway.
Australia House by the Strand
6. There is a small brass plaque on the wall of St. Catherine’s House, on the corner of Kingsway and Aldwych. What was the former name of St.Catherine’s House and who was it used by?
Go along Kingsway, past the Office of Public Census and Survey, the Public Trust Office, the Civil Aviation Authority Headquarters and the Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries and Food (Victory House), and turn left into Great Queen Street (4th Left). Travel along Great Queen Street, past the New Connaught Rooms and Freemasons Hall.
7. On either side of Freemason's Hall main entrance there is a plaque. Who opened Freemason's Hall and when?
Covent Garden Piazza with the London Transport Museum (© David Hawgood)
Then cross over Drury Lane and go along Long Acre. Take the next left, Bow Street, and go past the Magistrates Court and turn right past the Royal Opera House, then go straight along to Covent Garden Market. Turn left and walk around the market, past the London Transport Museum, and the front of St. Paul’s Church and turn left into Kings Street. Cross over Garrick Street and into New Row. At the end of New Row cross St.Martin’s Lane and enter St. Martins Court.
8. Above the Salisbury public house (corner of St. Martin’s Lane and St. Martin’s Court) there is a clock. What is depicted on the clock face?
Salisbury Pub
Turn right out of St. Martin’s Court and cross over Charing Cross Road at the traffic lights next to Leicester Square tube station. Go straight ahead past the Hippodrome along Cranbourn Street and into Leicester Square. Go across the Square past Equinox and the Empire to New Coventry Street and the Swiss Centre. Cross over Wardour Street into Coventry Street past Planet Hollywood, the Trocadero and the London Pavilion to Piccadilly Circus.
9. Which Roman God overlooks Piccadilly Circus?
Hamley's Toy Cab @ Piccadilly Circus
Go across Piccadilly Circus and into Regent Street. Walk along Regent Street passing Hamleys and Liberty's and turn left into Hanover Street (9th left), leading to Hanover Square. Go straight across the square and into Brook Street, following it to Grosvenor Square.
10. Which former US President is the memorial in the Northern end of Grosvenor Gardens dedicated to?
Leave the square by Upper Brook Street. At the end you will come out in Park Lane, turn right and walk up to:
Finish:- Marble Arch Tube Station (Central Line)


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