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Damn, I'm on a roll. Long weekend on account of Christ's death and resurrection, so I spend some of it blogging furiously. There's a Malayalam phrase aarambha shuratthe, loosely meaning extreme enthusiasm at the beginning of an enterprise, which then rapidly dwindles with time. My father has often said that I suffer from a severe case of this condition. So while I'm in the aarambha phase, I might as well make the most of it.

In these sadly degenerate times, any mention of religion seems to be taboo. This pseudo-secularism is not a good thing. I mean, I'm as atheistic as the next guy, but surely people are entitled to their beliefs? Their faiths give them comfort and peace, which is something the Richard Dawkinses of the world tend to disparage or condemn. Part of this trend of deprecating religion is the increasing tendency to waffle around holy days. While this waffling goes on, does anyone remember that Easter was originally a pagan festival of Spring? Coopted by a resurgent Christianity as the day of Christ's resurrection? On the other hand, where did the bunnies and eggs come from? And speaking of eggs, how about this series of increasingly embarrassing PR exercises by Somerfield, the supermarket chain?


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