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Apr 7, 2007

iPods and things

Now that I have had an iPod for almost two years, I am consumed by worries of its incipient demise. Everybody knows that Apple has made it rather difficult for the consumer to make any changes to its products (try adding more disk-space to an iBook to see what I mean), so what is one to do after the iPod battery dies? Luckily, Sonnet Tech have come to the rescue. Will they ship to the UK? Is there an equivalent UK-based solution? More questions to exercise my mind.

Part of Apple's diabolicity (or is diabolisation?) is that iTunes doesn't let you move music out of your iPod onto your computer. But fret not, my friends. iPodRip enables you to do this in a manner most subtle. Even better, it syncs irrespective of what operating system the iPod was formatted on, and doesn't care if your PC works on Windows or Mac OS. This is shareware (licence costs $14.95, which is reasonable enough) allowing up to 10 syncs, so should be ample for the most finicky trial user.


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