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It's a bit frustrating. Samsung has come up with a decidedly delish SGH-X830 (as Maya said on seeing it: "I want! I want!"). It has a spin-wheel like the iPod, 1GB on-board memory, a neat little stick form-factor - a veritable MP3 player that's also a phone. I ran out and signed up with T-Mobile selling my soul at £35 per month for a year to get my grubby little hands on it. And boy, is it a thing of wonder.

But still I complain! If Samsung want the blasted thing to compete with the iPod, surely there should have been some effort at compatibility with the Mac OS? Oh no. The installation CD only provides software for Windoze. A search at the product page reveals neither intent nor desire for interoperability with Mac.

The gurus at Geekanoids said they couldn't get the X830 to work with iSync or iTunes. Meanwhile, these folks have a nifty phone plug in to augment iSync. Unfortunately, that doesn't support the X830.

So I wait for Samsung to catch up with the rest of the intelligent world and start talking to Apple.