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Apr 14, 2007

Math in a Blog

If there are physicists blogging away with the best of them, surely mathematicians can't be far behind? How do they all typeset all the formulae and algebra and equations? I'm amazed that a cutting-edge outfit such as Google still hasn't managed to incorporate a mathematical typesetter into Blogger.

A quick search (on Google, where else?) reveals that the blogging site now supports an inline LATEX command parser. LATEX, as you all know, is the de-facto standard for mathematical publishing. I haven't used it since my M.Engg. thesis back in 1994, and am ashamed to say that I've chickened out of it recently, and have been formulising with Microsoft's Equation Editor.

A naive and ugly way is to write the mathematics in LATEX, convert it to an intermediate format (say, GIF?) file and import it into the blog.

Ostensibly, Google Docs can export documents to Blogger, but the former doesn't provide native math typesetting, so this project may be of some use. In my previous post on the Tengwar, I mentioned my frustration with the incorporation of that font into Blogger; this lack of mathematical typesetting is equally frustrating.

An alternative methodology seems to be the use of MathML. Firefox supports this natively. Wa-hey! So what now? This bears thinking about.


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