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Apr 9, 2007

Plum Pudding!

The Times is having a Wodehouse Quiz, with a lucky person to win a fifty books from the Everyman Wodehouse collection, and (count 'em) six Bollinger champagnes. The deadline for submissions is about two and a half hours, and I sent in my answers (in bold red).

1. Book Titles. Complete the titles of these British editions of Wodehouse novels:

a Pearls, Girls and . . .

Monty Bodkin

b The . . . Bachelor


c Stiff . . ., Jeeves

Upper Lip

2. Middle names. Provide the middle name of these characters:

a Stanley . . . Ukridge


b Thomas . . . Travers


c George . . . Wellbeloved


3. Stately homes. Where did the following live?

a The 9th Earl of Emsworth

Blandings Castle

b Sir Watkyn Bassett

Totleigh Towers

c The 7th Earl of Marshmoreton

Belpher Castle

4. Quotations. Complete the following:

a “It is never difficult to tell the difference between . . . and a ray of sunshine”

...a Scotsman with a grievance

b “If not actually disgruntled, he was far from . . .”

...being gruntled

c “Inherited wealth, of course, does not make a young man nobler or more admirable; but . . .”

...the young man does not always know this

5. Marriages. Whom did the following marry?

a Sally Painter

Reginald "Pongo" Twistleton

b Veronica Wedge

Tipton Plimsoll

c Rosie M. Banks

Bingo Little


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