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Jun 16, 2007

Rockworld and Clutch

Being at loose end and having snoozed in the afternoon, what's a boy to do at 11pm on a Saturday night? Why, channel surf on Sky! (Loser! goes the cry around the village.) Which is what I just did, and discovered that we do get a music channel or two. Most of it sugary pop and pedestrian hip-hop. But Rockworld TV is something else again.

It's a pretty recent TV channel - only been live since January 2007 - but they specialise in 24/7 rock music. Yay!

Who do I see but Neil Fallon and Clutch in full bluesy flow. They were performing at the Nottingham Rescue Rooms. Man, have I missed power chords and blues progressions, or what.

Turns out there's a small connection between Clutch and me: they are from Germantown, Maryland, where I worked for a time at Hughes Network Systems. Not that I knew of them then, of course.

A few quick facts: their fans are called 'gearheads' - quite obvious why. Some band-members have formed an instrumental blues outfit called the Bakerton Group, whose first EP is available for download here. I'm listening to Bait and Switch as I type, and it's decent, but no patch on the superb Electric Worry with which Clutch ended the first half of its show at the Rescue Rooms.


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