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Jul 25, 2007


Your average consumer of Hersheys and Lindt or even Leonidas doesn't realise this, but they do not manufacture their own chocolate.

A recent Financial Times article reveals that Barry Callebaut is the hidden force behind chocolate. These guys produce a quarter of the world's output and supply it to the major brand names in liquid or powder or indeed in finished form.

It is by no means a new company. Callebaut was founded in 1850 as a dairy company and malt brewery. In 1911, they started producing chocolate bars. Meanwhile, Charles Barry founded the Barry group in England in 1842, which started cocoa processing in 1920. In 1996, the two outfits merged and listed on the Swiss stock exchange two years later.

And would you believe how well they are doing? 8000 employees world-wide, billions in revenue, and a share price that's nothing to sneeze at. Check out their ticker symbol (BARN).


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