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You know that US dollar bears are on the rampage when you hear news such as this. It appears that Giselle Bunchen, that lovely Brazilian model, wants to be paid in euros, because she fears that her purchasing power will be diminished substantially with the dollar falling against major currencies. This year (till June), her estimated earnings were $30 million, which, given the movements in the US currency since then, are worth only $28.4 million in trade-weighted terms.

On the other hand, Wall Street lore has it that it is time to sell your holdings when the shoe-shine boy tries to give you a stock-tip (variously attributed to Joseph Kennedy and Bernard Baruch), so perhaps one should be contrarian and start buying dollars!


Anonymous said...

I just saw the latest update on the US Visa website... the visa charges have been reduced to Rs.4000 per applicant as of Nov 1st. I applied for my US visa paying Rs.4200 two months ago.... i felt short changed... its not because the US govt wants to attract more indians to the US...its because of the dollar is falling like Ms.Giselles clothes...

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