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Nov 14, 2007

Raging Hormones

On my way back from Tooting recently, I was heartened to see that the cold weather has not dampened the raging hormones of teenagers. As Jackie in the brilliant comedy That 70s Show said, a wall of fire can't stop a high school horn dog, so what's a mere 10 degrees Celsius? And even hoods can't cover up a cute girl as far as the horn dog is concerned - he can sniff one out at a hundred paces, just as effectively as his senses turn him off the ugly ones.

A couple of pretty young things boarded the train at Tooting. South Asian, by the looks of it, and chattering like birds. Three guys - Asians as well - got on at Colliers Wood, and when the girls alighted at South Wimbledon, so did the guys. They allowed the girls to go up the escalator ahead of them and discussed

1. Whether they should be obvious and climb past the girls.
2. If the plumper chick was the fanciable one.
3. If they were going into Wimbledon's malls

At the top of the escalator, the guys swept past the ticket barriers and hung about the exit expectantly. The girls had clearly noticed them: they were tittering and simpering. One hit the other and shrieked You're so bad! Then they had to pause because one of them couldn't find her Oystercard.

By the time I exited the station, the guys were straining with impatience. Dey comin' out or wha'? said one, barely able to contain himself. At that point, the girls walked out, tossing their hair and giggling. They walked along the road for a bit and stopped, looking simultaneously confused and coquettish. The boys watched them in awe.

A while later, they were all of them standing together, not quite as if they had known each other all their lives, but chummily enough. Yup. It all worked out nicely.


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