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Dec 12, 2007


The Japanese never cease to surprise. As reported by Reuters, Kazuhiko Minawa, an inventor, designed an aquarium with aluminium panels inside from which cables were laid to a nearby Christmas tree. He placed an electric eel in the tank. Every time it struck the sides of the tank, six hundred volts of electricity would surge through the electrodes and power the lights on the tree. It took him a month to design the system, he said.

"If we could gather all electric eels from around the world, we would be able to light up an unimaginably giant Christmas tree," he added.

Environmentally friendly power! goes the cry in Japan.

Visit the Aqua Toto Gifu aquarium in Hokkaido to check it out yourself.

And if you want a comprehensive explanation on how an electric eel generates its power (to stun or kill its prey, not to light up Christmas trees), you will find no better source than this.


newAgeIndian said...

Would be great, if you could quote the source of the news.

A glimmer of hope amongst the news of global warming. I also hope that eels will be spared from extinction. Though one could by pass, by catching them for "scientific experiments" and selling in open market.

Fëanor said...

Hi, newageindian. Welcome! The link highlighted shows the source of the news, but perhaps I shall amend to make it clearer. Thanks.

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