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Who would have thunk it? Those old wives' tales have some truth to them, after all. The Germans say that every child costs the mother one tooth. A large study in the US of women between the ages of 18 and 64 and across all socioeconomic status reveals that, on average, the fewer the kids a woman bears, the fewer the teeth she loses over her lifetime. Dr. Stefanie Russell of the NYU lead the study, reported here.

The explanations for this are somewhat mixed.
Women are more prone to gingivitis during pregnancy, when the response of the oral tissues to the bacteria in the mouth is altered, Russell said.

Gingivitis occurs when bacteria build up between the teeth and gums, causing inflammation and bleeding. Untreated, it can lead to more serious gum disease and eventually tooth loss.

In addition, Russell said women may be less likely to see a dentist while pregnant, perhaps in part because they want to avoid dental X-rays due to concern over radiation exposure.

Women with multiple children may also forgo their own dental care, possibly due to lack of money or time, Russell said.


Shefaly said...

Interesting post! I have to test this against the data available to me.

However one of my friends, my age, inexplicably is finding herself with a gap between her front 2 teeth. She fears her teeth will fall off. Hmm.

I am glad for my 32 - batteeson barqarar!

Fëanor said...

You have dental data? How? Why?

Shefaly said...

Uh-huh! Not dental data. Just health related data from many perspectives.

How? From, erm, databases.

Why? That is what I am doing nowadays. I advise investors on newfangled technologies in health and on health related companies (pharma, biotech). So I know all this and keep adding to it.

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