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May 28, 2008

Vox Populi

It's been a year or so since I started this blog and curiosity dictates that I investigate which posts have had the greatest number of hits. As far as I can tell via Sitemeter, very few people linger on Jostamon. Some, searching in languages such as Norwegian for Jost, fall upon my outpouring, and leave like exorcised demons in 0.00 seconds. Others seeking French people named Jost stay for less than a minute. The truly adhesive ones are those who want to know about:

1. Spanish Renaissance Art
2. Why Hot Water Freezes Quicker Than Cold Water
3. The Conjunction of Blake and Newton
4. Animated Alphabets, and bringing up the rear,
5. Bartolomeo Scappi.

There was a brief spike in interest in Russian cars, but that has dwindled too.

So that pretty much says it all. The Jackdom of Some Trades and Mastery of None continues apace. Woo-hoo!


Shefaly said...

Don't take it personally, Feanor, because those who linger are of very high quality ;-) Aren't we? This is the sort of question which has for company - have you stopped beating your wife yet... Ha ha!

I still get hits on the only bad book review that a certain publication about Indians seems to have received on the web, Hindus' vegetarianism, blogging tips and missing Indian girl-children. Curiously then they all want to know who I am.

I do not think you saw the writing meme I did once. If it interests you, tips 5 and 6 will interest you.

Keep writing. Charaiveti charaiveti...keep going, keep going.

Fëanor said...

Shefaly: thanks! Nope, I don't take it personally - I take it inquisitively. One is interested in knowing how people get to the blog and what they then do. I'm sad, though, that I am not in the enviable position of Jabberwock who has visitors to his blog searching for Labrador porn :-)

Shefaly said...

How about "career meat-eating women", "only fat white women marry Indians", "girls crushing bugs", "fractional pets", "clean literary jokes", "unsmart tamil"? None of these makes you envious? ;-)

For good measure, I have also had "words to describe outspoken woman".

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