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Jun 2, 2008


It seems that there was a tapas festival in Madrid on Sunday. Reuters has an article on it that begins (italics mine)

Tapas is often little more than a plate of anchovies or a slice of tired chorizo, but a tapas festival in Madrid on Sunday showed how the humble bar snack is catching up with Spain's mould-breaking restaurant cuisine.

Rather infelicitous choice of words?

Some of the delectables that comprise haute tapas are mouthwatering. Others give one a brief pause. I am all for zucchini paté on french bread and Almagro aubergines, especially as this means that veggies such as my dearly beloved will stop complaining about lack of sustenance when we travel to Spain. I am also gung-ho about cod croquettes. Blood pudding with baked apple may sound somewhat unprepossessing, but what about anchovies in olive oil and Txacolí? Very nice. I'm less keen on scrambled eggs with white beans - quite blecch, if you must know - and roasted pepper salad is just too weak, man, where's your imagination? Bring me some mollusc with port, and Galician tripe, if you please.

Check out some fine eateries here.


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