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Aug 15, 2008

Blended Coffee

A while ago, I pondered the fate of shops offering personal blends of tea. 10% Darjeeling and 90% Oolong, anyone? It appears that a German outfit has had a similarly brilliant idea - only with coffee. I'm not much of a coffee-drinker, even less than I am a tea-tippler, but this online shop is the bee's knees. Sonntag Morgen, it calls itself, and it provides punters with the ability to mix and match sundry coffees, give the blend a name and label design, and have it delivered in a delightful tin decorated with said label and name to any address of the punter's choice.

Nicaragua Maragogype and Robusta Indian Parchment with a touch of Ethiopian Sidamo? Drool, drool.

If anyone is checking it out, I'd be glad to have feedback before I try it myself, heh.


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