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Aug 17, 2008

Dortmund Glimpses

The casual visitor is wont to assume that the entire Northern Rhine area (known as Westphalia) is a bleak and beaten landscape of heavy industry and ugliness. Going there with such an idea means that the casual visitor is likely to miss out on the odd pocket of beauty. Dortmund, no queen in the beauty stakes, is surprisingly enough very green, even if the town is a relentless spread of unlovely buildings. What can the Dortmunders do? Along with every other major city along the Rhine belt, Dortmund was pulverised during World War II, and the ensuing reconstruction was directed by some seriously demented people. Still, it's heartening to note that at least some of the medieval heritage of the city was preserved and renovated, and here are a few glimpses of them.

047Align Centre
[Penitent, light and shadow. St Propsteikirche. Dortmund.]

[High Altar, St. Reinoldikirche, Dortmund.]

[Dortmund's Adlerturm - the Eagle Tower on the Südwall.]


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