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Aug 1, 2008


So! It was the season for the delectable Picota cherry, and I don't mean the lovely young woman brandishing them in the adjoining picture. I managed to snag a few at the local Tesco. I haven't been paying attention to the various types of cherry in the world (despite my usual interest in fruit and food), but the inlay card in the box piqued my attention. Here's what it says:
  1. Picota cherries are grown and hand-plucked in western Spain, in the beautiful Jerte Valley, in the region of Extremadura.
  2. They are grown exclusively in this region and nowhere else in the world.
  3. The Jerte Valley is home to over two million cherry trees, a spectacular sight during the springtime blossoming.
  4. Approximately 5000 families grow Picota cherries in the valley; it is common to find three generations of the same family working on a Picota cherry farm.
  5. They have been grown since the 17th century.
  6. The cherries have a Cereza de Jerte denomination of origin that guarantees the quality and source of the fruit.
  7. The mild sunny climate of the Jerte Valley means Picota cherries ripen gradually - for up to twice as long as other cherries. The longer ripening creates Picota cherries' unique deep flavour (interjection: deep and yummy!) It also causes a natural barrier to form between the cherry and its stalk; the stalk then detaches naturally when the fruit is picked (interjection: yes! I noticed that! Very thoughtful!).
  8. They have a short season: mid-June to the end of July (interjection: dammit! My first box of these will not end up being my last!)

Interestingly, this is also the eleventh year that these cherries have shown up in the UK, as part of the Foods from Spain promotion.


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