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Sep 3, 2008

Aida in Marketing

My pal Labsji over at the Joy of Innovation has presented a tailored approach to seducing customers, based on lectures by Mr S.K. Palekar of Eureka Forbes. I quote:

Idea is to start with a customer at zero, Convert them into Aware customers(A), then into Interested customer(I), then to someone who desires the offering(D), and Ultimately create action(A). And there is After Market engagement too to worry about.
This is singular, my friends, and related to Giuseppe Verdi's grand opus, Aida. Why, you ask? Well, the initials of the desirable characteristics of one's customers as outlined in the above quote spell out the name of Verdi's heroine. Coincidence? I think not. Mr Palekar focuses on a 7-step procedure to selling. It is evident that he is inspired by the opera. See here:

1. Prospecting - Radames, the hero, is busy exploring and prospecting in Nubia
2. Calls - he is called back to court by sundry intrigue
3. Presentation - he presents Aida to his wife-to-be
4. Closing - everyone's upset his marriage (and thus, the close of his life of prospecting) is nigh
5. Transaction - what is marriage of royals other than a transaction?
6. Handholding - and holding a lot of other things as well
7. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) - you have to see the opera to believe it. There's all sorts of skullduggery and dissatisfied parties. It all ends in blood.

Tsk, tsk.


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