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Oct 28, 2008

Saving the Economy

In these perilous times when house-prices are dropping, banks shutting down, the economy in recession, and shops struggling for want of paying customers, what is a responsible citizen to do? Hide away in a cubby-hole in anticipation of being laid off? Drastically reduce spending? Survive on potatoes till better times?

No. That, I am assured, will only make matters worse. Instead, go out and buy stuff! Get unemployment insurance now when it's still cheap! Stop worrying about steeply rising taxes in the future. Spend, spend!

One of my colleagues at work has taken this message to heart. He has Appled himself out, having obtained for good cash a MacBook, an iPhone, an iTouch, and several other arcane pieces of electronics whose names begin with the lower-case I. He gave up his rented flat in Dulwich and moved to more expensive premises in the Docklands. He claims to be saving a killing on cheaper commuting costs.

Another chap I know has bought himself some fancy French graffiti. He claims that he can do better, but doesn't have the time. He likes to encourage the arts.

I'm contributing, too. I've been worried about the local Lebanese barber. (I assume he is Lebanese. He could be Albanian. Or not.) I don't want him taking matters into his own hands, despairing of rising rents and the preponderance of long-haired men, and going on a razor-wielding murderous spree around south-west London. So I have decided to go to him for a hair-cut every twenty days. Not that I have much hair to cut. Still, it should keep him happy. Plus I'll be able to go about with a glow of self-satisfaction in having given back to the community.

At £6 a pop, I've done my bit.


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