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Recently, I came across yet another interesting (and free) online tool: Timerime, which allows the user to build timelines. What better way to try it out (and prove my geekiness once and for all) than to develop a linear view of great mathematicians?

How about that? Scrollable, zoomable, snapshottable, embeddable. Cool stuff, I call it.

Of course, I got tired by the time I arrived at Riemann. By the 19th century, mathematicians were a dime-a-dozen, many of whom made stellar contributions to the field, any of whom might be considered a genius. It also began to get a tad monotonous to say 'analyst', or 'number theorist' when faced with an unending series of great names. Plus, the extensive biographical website at the University of St. Andrews contains way more information than I can provide. I copped out by linking initially to the relevant pages at the repository. After a while, even that got tedious.

So anyone who wants to edit and expand and attach music or graphics or images or video to any of the mathematicians on the time-line, please let me know, and I'll setup a shared-ownership so you can update the time-line yourself.


Rense said...

Hi there, what a very nice gadget that is. Interestingly, the script of the timeline seems to be location-aware, for some of the buttons have tooltips written in Dutch.

The fact that shared ownership is allowed really offers some nice (or geeky) collaboration opportunities.

Thanks for finding this :-)

Fëanor said...

Rense: Any ideas on how this can be used in your field? Other than as timelines, I'm afraid my imagination runs dry.

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