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Jan 14, 2009

Gender Bending Blogs

After Typalyzer, which psychologically profiled your blog, comes Gender Analyser, which aims to tell you if your website is written by a man or a woman. Using, the authors claim, AI techniques. Yeah, right.

At any rate, here's what it has to say about the blogs that I originally tested psychologically.

Singaporean in London: CK will be pleased to know that he is gender-neutral, with a slight tilt (51%) to womanhood.

Spaniard in the Works: Space Bar will be chuffed to hear that she is probabilistically (62%) male.

Language Log: All those linguists are (67%) likely to be male.

Yossarian Lives: Veena is gender-neutral even as she is (56%) likely to be female.

Polandian: is (62%) likely to be a woman.

La Vie Quotidienne: Shefaly is gender-neutral, with a minor tilt (51%) to feminity.

Jabberwock: Our man Jai Arjun is almost certainly (93%) a woman.

And that's all I have to say about that.


Space Bar said...


(actually, the last time you posted that other thing. someone sent me a link to this one; at that time I was borderline/gender-neutral. God knows what happened since...)

Now put shades.

Anonymous said...

Guten Himmel!

Must go tell all the boys that we've been rumbled!


C K said...

Now that it's out in the open, I'm definitely more comfortable embracing my effeminate side... no!

How can that be? There must be some mistake. The next few posts will be musculine posts - beer, fast cars and gadgets, no less!

Oh, thanks for links. Btw, I think the links don't quite work though. :) Cheers!

Fëanor said...

Space Bar: you're evolving, I might say (taking off shades in slow-mo and shaking hair all around. Hold on a tick, though. That's not hair, that's a wig.)

Polandian: beware the secret web services - all that's hidden will be revealed :-)

CK: Fixed the links, thanks. So, do we expect stories about cigars and Jaguars now?

C K said...

Sorry bro, still fixated on food and stuff. Not that manly enough I supposed. :p

Shefaly said...

So I am ardha-nareeshwar incarnate? Great or as they are all saying in India now-a-days, Jai Ho! ;-)

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