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Mar 17, 2009

Happy Rowdy Catalans

What better way to start a Tuesday than by posting an extract from From The Man of My Life, by Manuel Vázquez Montalbán?

All at once the carol they used to sing at the climax of Els Patorets or L'adveniment de l'infant Jesús popped into his mind: 'El mes de maig ja ha vingut, sense ser-hi encara.' He remembered too the blasphemous version the rowdy neighbourhood boys who had joined Catholic Action so they could play table-tennis used to sing instead: 'El desembre congelat / m'ha glaçat la fava / al matí quan m'he llevat / no me la trobava.'
In case you are not up to speed with Catalan, the rowdy song translates (sort of) as:

Cold December winds
Have frozen off my willy
When I got up this morning
I didn't half look silly.
Happy St Patrick's Day, everyone.


A Singaporean in London said...

Happy St. Patrick's Day to you, buddy! I supposed you were a bit tipsy when you posted this? :p


Fëanor said...

CK: My lipsh are shealed.

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