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Fellow gastropods, lend me your tentacles and tympani. If, in the course of your prodigious reading or watching, you were to come across a description of food or drink that made your livers swell with anticipation, please feel free to contribute said description at that new blog I mentioned only a few days ago. I've padded it up lately with a bit of this and that, but it requires much much more. Muchas mores, as a Spangliard might say.

From all lingos and corners of the universe, anything edible or potable in anything readable or watchable is welcome.

Come on, you know you want to.

[As an added incentive, Space Bar said she was planning to come up with a crime novel to go with the pasta she made just a few days ago.]


Space Bar said...


Fëanor said...

No denials now, SB! (Although it is Apr 1.)

Space Bar said...

don't know how this might help you, but here:

Fëanor said...

Suddenly, my breakfast of peanut butter sandwiches has turned to ashes. I console myself that the Victorian breakfast is two years old. But there's a small possibility of piling onto the alcoholic architecture. Still, my breakfast is unaccountably ashen.

Space Bar said...

uh oh. i thought you would rejoice.

Fëanor said...

In the abstract, yes - alleluia. But faced with those delish jellies, my sandwich turned to ash. Ash, I tell you.

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