The idle ramblings of a Jack of some trades, Master of none

By Setareh Sabety

Forty days ago we died
Along with that mother
Whose scream I still hear
Not only in my ear
But deeper
In the bloody cracks
Of my broken heart.
Forty days ago
We saw life
Chased out of
The young eyes
Of someone else’s daughter
Forty days ago
We all died
Bearing witness
To the naked cruelty
Equally random and arrogant
Of those we refuse to call
Songs of heroism anger me,
Drown in the wail
Of mourning mothers
Churning in my stomach
Martyrs we do not need
We are dead already
We died forty days ago
Bearing witness
To the uncensored
‘Graphic content’
Of human cruelty!
What we need
Is a miracle:
A mother
Whose newborn’s
First cry
Rips through
The clean crisp
Air of freedom
Finally found.

(From Tehranbureau)


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