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Aug 27, 2009

WestLand Apologise

Well, what do you know? Scarcely hours after I posted my plaint against WestLand, I received a flurry of conciliatory emails from up and down the publisher's hierarchy. Even Kamini Karlekar, author of the book that prompted all the brouhaha, left an apologetic note. All these are much appreciated. I'm not entirely sure how they all found out about my rant (I think Space Bar did some undercover work - thanks!) but they did, and either the power of the internet, or the power of networking manifested itself once again.

Even more happily, WestLand reimbursed the moolah they'd invoiced my in-laws for the 'replacement' books, and threw in a couple of other books, which, they hoped, would restore my faith in their production quality.

As I type, I await the arrival of said books when a friend arrives from Bangalore in a week or so.

Meanwhile, I'd like to thank the good folks at WestLand for sorting this out.

And Kamini should be pleased to see that her book no longer appears as 'forthcoming' on the publisher's website.


km said...

That's pretty damn decent of them (and the author).

Hopefully you will blog about the books at some point?

Fëanor said...

I guess I'll get around to it some day. At the moment I continue to be gobsmacked.

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