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Wonder no more. The engraver Renold Elstrack (1570-1625?) made the print which I show here, published by John Stafford (1631-1665). The wonderful bpi1700 (British Printed Images To 1700) website has this image, and a small description.

"Portrait of the Mogul Emperor Jahangir, three-quarter length in a lettered oval, long moustache, wearing turban with beads, embroidered tunic, and bead necklace, and holding a falcon. Engraving."

Who was Renold Elstrack? In his time, he was considered the finest engraver around. He produced mainly portraits and maps; his attention to detail and beauty of composition made his productions highly desirable. A collection of his art is available at the National Portrait Gallery in London.


km said...

Great find.

"The true portraiture of the Great and Most Potent Monarch. Padesha Shahsallem caled (?) the Great Mogoll of the Easterne India. King of forty kingdoms"

//Dude dug falcons. That's the only thing I want when I invent the time-machine and become a Moghul emperor.

(word ver.: "farsity")

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