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Sep 21, 2009

London City Quiz

At the Barbican Library, there is a spectacular collection of documents from London's history all the way back to 1722. To celebrate this fact, there has been an exhibition of a thousand tomes available to borrow on the open shelves from June 2009. And, to encourage people to learn more about this greatest of cities, the library offered the following quiz, a lucky winner of which would win the Museum of London book London: The Illustrated History:
  1. In 1941, Noel Coward sang of 'London Pride', but what exactly is 'London Pride'?
  2. How many times was Dick Whittington elected Lord Mayor of London?
  3. Including the City of London (the 'Square Mile'), how many London boroughs are there?
  4. What type of mythical creature is depicted on the City of London crest?
  5. Which infamous building once stood on the site of the Old Bailey?
  6. The Olympics were twice previously hosted in London - which years?
  7. In which year was the last public execution carried out in London?
  8. Name two films, made famous by Ealing Studios in the late 1940s and early 1950s, with areas of London in their titles.
  9. In which year did trams disappear from the streets of London?
  10. Which is the odd one out in this selection of Cockney rhyming slang: Whistle and flute / Alice bands / Almond rocks / Round the houses / Dicky dirt / Tit for tat
  11. Whose address was once known as 'No. 1, London'?
  12. 'Going west', 'One for the road', and 'On the wagon' are all associated with the trip to which part of London, a trip that many were reluctant to take?
So there you go. Eminently do-able with judicious reference to the Internet. Have fun!

[Oh and yeah, the book's already been given away.]


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