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Sep 26, 2009

A Plum(b) Honour

You know how you have a good idea, and then you think about it, and then you think a bit more, and then decide that you’ll get back to that idea because there’s something else that needs doing at that moment, and a few days go by, months, possibly even years, and then you see that someone else had has that idea and, not just had the idea, but has actually gone and done what you wanted to do? And done it rather well, to boot?

So, anyway, Lt-Col N.T.P. Murphy is the man who has done what I had thought of doing (and I claim no particular originality, of course): he arranges walks around Wodehousean Mayfair every Wednesday. And he has written a book called Three Wodehouse Walks, which is available exclusively at Heywood Hill’s antiquarian bookstore till October 16.

There’s another reason to visit Heywood Hill – they’ve organised an exhibition of Wodehousiana. Everything from his personal golf putter to his typewriter is on display. Stephen Fry was there recently, and was pleased to find an enormous porker blocking the entrance.

I’ll take Colonel Murphy’s guided walk one of these days and do what I do nowadays – blog about it.


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