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Please someone explain why trousers have an even number of belt loops, while jeans have an odd number?

And why are the top buttons on some shirts so high that the collar button is redundant, while on others they are low enough to expose the sternum bush?


Pins N Ashes said...

I have noticed about the second button bit

should go on a counting spree then ..


km said...

Sternum bush :D

I thought the answer to the jeans question had something to do with Levi's - but they created the 5-pocket design, not the 5-loop design.

But I still guess it has something to do with the original design which quickly became a standard.

Fëanor said...

PinsNAshes: thanks for stopping by. How many buttons have you counted so far, then? :-)

KM: Haven't found the answer to the odd number of loops in jeans, I'm afraid. It's doin' me head in.

Shefaly said...

Feanor: You have too much free time on your hands. Do you want to come help me with some pending filing instead? Then you can wonder about why US-bought box files have 4 punch holes while only 2 exist in the UK-bought ones.

On a serious note, the anthropometric surveys that guide the fashion/ clothing industry focus on shape, size and ratios rather than on finer points of buttons (which should really relate to shape, size and ratios - what is a high button to you may to a taller person, noting duly that you are quite tall yourself, not be a high button) and loops. That is a data collection gap but then it is a survey of what-is, not what we-wish-it-were.

Fëanor said...

Shefaly: yup, verily speakest thou, far too much time. (May I recommend a three-hole punch, just to take the average of the US/UK scene?) But these are questions that require deep pondering, right up there with the creation of the Universe.

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