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Nov 10, 2009


So, Mr Scadding has gone and won £45 million at the latest Euromillions lottery draw. He had bought two tickets. One of them won the jackpot.

I do not grudge him that win.

But - and this really pisses me off - his other ticket won as well! £5.80! Is there any justice? Is there any fairness? Why the devil would both his tickets win?!

Now excuse me while I go and shred my own &~@!@% ticket into 45 million pieces.


C K said...

Lol, for the longest of time, I didn't get Euromillions thinking that I might not be entitled to the winnings if my ticket hits the jackpot. :)

Oh well, let's worry when it comes to that, shall we? Am pumping money into the jackpot now.

Fëanor said...

Am pumping money into the jackpot now

Good show, CK. The more for me to win the next time, heh.

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