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Hasn't everything been tried already? The issues dividing Israelis and Palestinians are so deeply entrenched that almost no solution comes to mind.

I think I have the answer, though. It's all to do with finding points of commonality, of convergence of view. There's only one: Bollywood.

Yes, that's right. Bollywood. Both Israelis and Palestinians love the effervescent product of the Hindi film industry. So much so that a recent book, co-written by the Israeli Etgar Keret and the Palestinian Samir El-Youssef, titled Gaza Blues: Different Stories, has pivotal paragraphs alluding to the great Indian filmography.
I was angry and sad. And I cried. I cried until tears ran down my cheeks. People in the street looked at me and thought that I had just come out of the cinema, and I had seen an Indian film, the tragic story of which had torn my heart apart. How could anyone cry in that way if he hadn't seen an Indian film?
And again:
"Shoshi - what's that stand for?" I tried to steer the conversation onto a new track. "It's short for Shoshana. My parents always wanted a daughter," Shoshi came around. He closed his eyes and wiggled his arse, and I could tell he was about to start singing. He does that sometimes. You can just tell he watches lots of Bollywood movies. "When I was a tot / Father beat me a lot / He didn't want a son / But what's done is done."
So, to conclude, what's the solution? Here it is: deprive the two parties of Bollywood films until peace breaks out between them.


km said...

Genius, sir, that's genius.

C K said...


I love Bollywood movies. Though I understand not a single word, I used to rush home from school so as to catch it at the 4pm slot and guess what? Yep, I danced along!

Fine, this has nothing to do with your post. I was just trying to fill up some space here. Voila!

Fëanor said...

Right, folks, now watch me sort out the imbroglios in the rest of the planet.

Kannan,Kochi(Kerala) said...

My solution is let Israel nuke least its Revolutionary Guard facilities& current nutty leadership. PA will glad to do a peace deal with Israel if not for Hamas. Then there is Hezbollah,Syria.
Arabs(monarchies not nutty people like Brotherhood) are also fine with Israel. So all that is left is Iran and its proxies trying to make the open wound last longer. Israelis are so accommodating people,who else will give back territory won back after being attacked parts of Egyptian territory,Gaza settlements etc. It is even ready for a deal for Golan Heights if Syria will let Israel live in peace.

Fëanor said...

Kannan: it's very kind of you, sitting thousands of miles away, to talk of nuclear attacks on another country.

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