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Jan 28, 2010


In slightly less than three years, I've churned out five hundred posts. Really? you ask. Really, I reply. That may appear to be woefully self-indulgent to some. I'm pleased to announce that there have been rambling posts among those 500, and there have even been one or two tightly argued cogent pieces that have set off revolutions*. So is this a good time to take stock?

A casual scan through Sitemeter indicates that the number of daily visits to this blog has remained fairly steady over the years. About 40 a day is par for the course. (Most of them are indirect links to the images in the blog.) In comparison to the stalwarts of the medium, this is less than laughable.

I took a look last weekend at the stuff I've spewed out since 2007. For all my claims of being a jack of some trades, it's immediately apparent that there are only, really, one or two things I discuss. The difference between self-image and reality is quite perceptible, then. Not much to jaw about.

On Technorati, this blog briefly achieved an authority level of close to 500. I blinked several times when I saw it - on par with the likes of SEO Blog. (What the devil is the SEO Blog anyway?) It's down to 121 now, and falling daily. Two important sites had linked to a couple of my posts, which boosted my rating. That, like everything else, will also pass.

So, cheers y'all. Thanks for stopping by.

* made heads spin?


Space Bar said...

congratulations. and revolutions indeed. :D

Fëanor said...

thanks, sb. recovered from the party, i see?

Veena said...

Congrats. If someone were to set a quiz on your 500 posts, what % do you think you can actually get right?

Fëanor said...

3%, maybe? My brain is a sieve.

Guru said...

congrats - I remember you had a small notebook with your writings before the blog age. Did u also manage to post them here?

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