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Jan 8, 2010

From Crime To - What?

In a couple of weeks or so, I'll post the final round-up (months 11 and 12) of my year-long ploughing through the world of translated crime and thriller fiction. It has been a sinusoidal ride, and I'm glad I'm done. That is to say, there are still several tomes of grisly or humorous or exotic or quotidian murders remaining on my reading list, but I am in no hurry to get to them any more. A surfeit has been had.

What should I tackle next?

I have been accumulating quite a store of science fiction and fantasy over the past year. Perhaps I should start reading these and deleting? (They are all in PDF from the generous Tor Fiction website.)

I've also seen several possible candidates in - wait for it - translated science fiction! Or even science fiction written in English by non-native-English-speakers! And some of them are even women! Who could have imagined anyone other than 80-year old male scions of the John W. Campbell days to attempt sci-fi?

Nope. I shall be completely indisciplined. I'll grab whatever I get. Purely at random.

And, randomly, My Name is Aram is the first.


km said...

I heart William Saroyan. His was such a gentle, unique voice in American literature.

Maddy said...

reminds me - did u see the new Holmes movie? i did not quite like it, but the younger generation has caught on...I still like Jeremy Brett

Fëanor said...

km: i'm into saroyan because he's armenian, like those other famous armenians, my idols, the kardashians.

maddy: nope, haven't seen it yet. might just catch it on DVD though.

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