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[There once used to be a neat little website for the North London Walkers describing some interesting walks in this great city. It no longer exists. Luckily the time machine that is has snapshots of it from before it went kaput. I’m reposting the (slightly) re-edited versions here, with added pics.]

This 11 kilometre long route starts at the Tower of London and, after crossing over Tower Bridge, follows the River Thames upstream offering panoramic views of the City and Westminster.  The South Bank of the Thames at this point is in the London Borough of Southwark and it is here that you will find a full size replica of Sir Francis Drakes Golden Hind and Shakespeare's Globe Theatre.

As you continue along the riverbank you enter the London Borough of Lambeth where you will find the London home of the Archbishop of Canterbury, Lambeth Palace, and the new headquarters of MI5 the British Secret Service.

At this point you recross the river over Vauxhall Bridge and then walk back downstream to the Houses of Parliament, passing on the way the Tate Gallery. Next to the Houses of Parliament you will find Westminster Abbey, where the coronation of England's Monarchs takes place and where many of them were later buried.

The route then continues along the riverbank, past Cleopatra's Needle, to the Temple Tube Station.

Start :- Tower Hill Tube Station (Circle & District Lines)

Upon exiting the station go down steps under road towards The Tower of London. Turn left at the Tower Moat and follow it round to Tower Bridge Approach.

Q1 - On the North Tower of Tower Bridge there is a plaque. Who opened the Bridge?

Cross over Tower Bridge (River Thames) and go down steps in middle of the footpath on the South side. At the bottom of the steps turn Right and travel along the embankment towards HMS Belfast. Proceed past HMS Belfast to Hays Galleria, turn left into the shopping arcade which emerges in Tooley Street. Turn right along Tooley Street, just past the London Dungeons turn right (the road is still Tooley Street). Continue along passing under London Bridge and emerging in Montague Close behind Southwark Cathedral.

Q2 - On the right 10 yards beyond the bridge is a Hall used by three City Livery Companies.  What is the name of the hall?

St Mary Overy Docks and the Clink Prison Museum

At the end of Montague Close turn right to Pickfords Wharf. Go past St. Mary Overy Dock and the remains of Winchester Palace and into Clink Street. Travel along Clink Street, past the Clink Prison Museum, and turn right after passing through the railway arch. This will bring you back out onto the South Embankment. Turn left and continue following the riverside path, going under Southwark bridge and past the Globe Theatre and the former Power Station and on to Blackfriars Bridge.

Q3 - At Blackfriars Bridge there is the remains of the old railway bridge. Which Railway Company's crest is displayed here?

Gabriel's Wharf, South Bank

Pass under the bridge and then past Sea Containers Wharf, Gabriels Wharf and the London Weekend Television Centre. You will then come across a complex comprising The Royal National Theatre, The National Film Theatre, The Queen Elizabeth Hall, Royal Festival Hall, The Hayward Gallery and the Museum of the Moving Image.

Q4 - Along the route at various points there are silver plaques on the ground. What do these plaques commemorate?

Continue along the River bank past the above complex and under Waterloo Bridge and Hungerford Railway bridge and past Jubilee Gardens and the Old County Hall. Go under Westminster Bridge and continue along the Riverside path (Albert embankment) past St. Thomas's Hospital and Lambeth Palace to Lambeth Bridge.

Front Gate of Lambeth Palace

Q5 - What museum is situated near the entrance to Lambeth Palace?

Go under Lambeth Bridge and continue along the Albert Embankment past the Headquarters of the London Fire Brigade and the new headquarters of MI5 (Vauxhall Cross) to Vauxhall Bridge. Cross over the River at this point, turn right on the far side and walk along Millbank back towards Lambeth Bridge, passing the Tate Gallery on the way.

Q6 - In the gardens to the right of the main entrance to the Tate Gallery there is a statue. Who is it of?

Buxton Memorial Fountain in the Victoria Tower Gardens (© Derek Harper) At Lambeth Bridge cross over the road and go down the steps into Victoria Tower Gardens. Travel through the gardens towards Palace of Westminster/Houses of Parliament. Walk around the perimeter of the Houses of Parliament to the Clock Tower (Big Ben), passing on the way Westminster Abbey and Parliament Square. Once at the Clock Tower cross over Bridge Street and continue along Victoria Embankment.

Q7 - On the corner of Westminster Bridge opposite the Houses of Parliament there is a statue. Who is it of?

Somerset House

Walk along the North Bank past Scotland Yard, Ministry of Defence and the old paddle steamers SS Tatershall Castle and the Hispaniola. Then pass under Charing Cross Railway Bridge past Cleopatra's Needle and then under Waterloo Bridge. You then pass Somerset House and Kings College and about 30 yards further along come to the finish.

Q8 - Almost opposite Temple Tube Station there is the first of three ships moored. What is its name?

Finish:- Temple Underground Station (Circle & District Lines)


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Thank you for these walking posts. London is a wonderful city to walk in, isn't it?

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