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Jan 12, 2010


I should feel chuffed. I'm being celebrated by a fellow called F o r d F r a n c e. In a flurry of excited commenting, he said the following about my various posts:

1. this is one of the best posts on this blog
2. lewis was one of the finest writers and one of my all time favorites.
3. i dont believe in Darwin's theory in the first place..
4. the building looks beuutiful, not only historical.
5. fantastic post!!

He is not entirely altruistic and supportive of my effort, of course. What he wants is backlinks to his own site, one that appears to prepare essays on demand for students too lazy to do their own homework.

The Daleks had it right: Exterminate!

Update: the fellow has now returned under a new moniker, and has the following to say:

1. no doubt, thats a bad experience. but this does'nt mean that all the immigrants behave like that..
2. the lament by Mary Brooksbank is wonderful :)
3. such a tragic story of such a pretty lady...
4. good post. it really concludes the real reasons of war since the beginning till now.


km said...

How dare you question a spammer's motives!

Fëanor said...

I dare, I dare.

Space Bar said...

feanor is an eldar, ok? not a cat i'th'adage.

Fëanor said...

SB: true. As Wooster said: 'That is the problem which is torturing me, Jeeves. I can't make up my mind. You remember the fellow you've mentioned to me once or twice, who let something wait upon something? You know who I mean -- the cat chap.'

Anonymous said...

These references are over my head. But your writing is entertaining - loved the "chaps" post.

Look at that: a compliment with no link-backs required!

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