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May 19, 2010

Joblesse Oblige

Shortly I'll be between jobs and hoping to relax. Will I be able to stage a late night binge followed by a delayed reveille? Can I possibly spend the day ensconced on the sofa munching crisps and reading a book or two? Can I listen to Led Zeppelin at full volume for more than ten minutes? Will I be spared the nearly daily visit to the local supermarket to pick up things that I forgot to pick up the last time around?


There are statements such as the following:

Some fathers don't mind getting to work late because they are so keen to drop their sons off at school.

Some fathers don't mind leaving work early so that they can pick up their sons from school.

Some fathers live for the joy on their sons' faces when they offer to take them tobogganing/cycling/camping/learning hip-hop.

Why can't some fathers be like those fathers?


Where's my breakfast in bed?

The laundry doesn't get done on its own.

Why is the newspaper not at hand?

You are always hogging the computer.

You are always hogging the TV.

The child is all yours. I don't want to hear him, see him, or smell him for the next week.

Meanwhile, the boy has his own demands.

Acha. Can we go by tram today?

Acha. You are always shaving your head. Play with me.

Acha. Can you pretend to be a villain?

Acha. You should be kind to your child.

I want my Amma. Where's Amma?


jayarajmurukkumpuzha said...

best wishes......

JK said...

Acha, Can you read me a history book?

Fëanor said...

@jayaraj: thanks, man.
@JK: history for the boy is more like 'acha, when did that man die?'

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