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May 30, 2010

What A Pirate Wears

During our recent trip to the US, we purchased an iPad. Since then the wife hasn't been seen in society. She lurks constantly in the dark, obsessively surfing for high-graphics content, and, when thirsty, using the coffee app that enables her to pretend she's giving herself her dose of caffeine.

A couple of days ago, the UK app store opened up for iPads. When the wife wasn't looking, I surreptitiously downloaded a couple of programs that I found interesting. One was a finger-painting tool. Rather nice (observe my creativity in attached picture).

The other was the iBookshelf or whatever it's called, using which I browsed the Gutenberg free book catalogue and saw for myself the beauty of this application. Not that I will be reading much on this device. I like the idea of multiple e-books on a device, but not so much the activity of reading on it.

Entirely accidentally, I downloaded the Harbour Master game, and now the wife is completely lost to society. The thrust of the game is to control a myriad of ships and boats - each moving at a different speed and carrying different container loads - to get them to dock, unload and depart without crashing into each other. This morning, while she chatted on the phone with her mum, I achieved the princely score of 51. Believe you me, this took some doing. Feeling mighty chuffed, I looked at the all-time honours list. The top score is 3400-odd.

Now the boy is beginning to obsess about the game. His intent is to crash boats as soon as possible. He enjoys the sound of the bubbles as the boats sink. The wife and I have to fight him off constantly. Then the wife fights me off.

Which is why I'm blogging and she hasn't been heard from for yonks.


Space Bar said...

use a cutlass on that score! and your boy and i have a lot in common - crash and destroy is my own natural impulse while playing games.

Fëanor said...

ha. i should send him to you for chess lessons, i think.

Space Bar said...

*gasp* don't you have *any* ambitions for your offspring?!

Juhi said...

thanks for your comments :) will definitely check out the russians you mention.

And btw, great post - made me smile as I read it!

Fëanor said...

SB: nope! :-)

Juhi: thanks for stopping by and the kind words. hope you get to see them russians soon.

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