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Jul 4, 2010

Not A Drop To Drink

Now that we've had about two weeks of great sunshine, it appears that the country's reservoirs are running out of water. The causation is not as cut-and-dry as I make it out in the previous sentence - the first five months of this year produced less rainfall than expected. Any moment now we'll have hosepipe bans, and people taking baths together to save water.


While the sun-starved natives of this land flock to the beaches, those of Asian or African persuasion stick to the shade. We understand at a subliminal level the power of the sun, and we avoid stepping out during the hottest hours. Or, if we do, we wear enormous hats and carry floppy fans.

We are wimps, though. The temperature in London recently touched 31 degrees Celsius, positively balmy compared to the searing heat of Delhi that I spent many years in. I didn't think twice before stepping out to do whatever I needed to even in 45 degrees. Without a hat. Or sunscreen. Or shades. Or even a bottle of water. Here, after spending scarcely twenty minutes in the sun, I begin to feel parched, and shortly thereafter, the beginnings of a headache.


My boy's summer vacations have started. Because he'll drive us batty if we spend more than a few hours with him (he needs people of his own age, I am informed), we have arranged a sports camp for him. The last time he spent a whole day out in the sun was a couple of weeks ago during his school's sport day. It was a hot (English) day, and most of the kids wilted, even him. I wonder how he'll take to five days of running about in the same heat.

We are told that the organisers will frequently hose down the kids. It's all a game, we hear.

So we'd better fervently hope that the hosepipe ban is not passed in the coming week.


Veena said...

Mad dogs and Englishmen can go out in the midday sun. Wimp or not, I am sticking to the shade.

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