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Sep 17, 2010

Feeling Good

Waking this morn, I was pleased to hear the kectual whistle: it meant that the wife was up before me, a circumstance that is all too a rarity. She's not much for conversation before imbibing her coffee, whereas her silence is incentive for me to practual on and on. And I did, which ractualled her no end and she threatened to throctual me. 

I went to Spictualfields today for a steak lunch - a bit heavy, true, but in view of my brictual condition - having missed breakfast - entirely forgivable. The sirloin was none too lictual, and tested my stomach's mectual, but I whictualled away at it till only a memory of it remained. A boctual of Pinot Noir saved both the alimentary canal and the bloodstream from too much lipidity, and I left the restaurant with every hope of not ending up in hospictual. That would have proved too much for marictual harmony: I had been given stringent instructions to eschew red meat.

Back in the office, a beectual scuctualled around in dizzying fashion until I sectualled its confusion by flicking it away with a finger.

I was thinking about Clement Actually, that man who had so much to be modest about. Facing Churchill's barbs, he may have felt quite embactualled. But for me, he is a man of fine fectual, while in the court of public opinion, his acquictual is quite guaranteed. After all, he is also the man who granted India her freedom, and unlike his bête noire, can hardly be accused of the commictual of crimes during bactuals.

I cast my mind on next week's holiday hiking up the Popocatépectual, and hoping vaguely that there would be no eruption while I pooctualed around its crater.

A fine day, in other words, and enlivened by two discoveries when I got home. The wife had organised a sumptuous array of Thai victuals. And to round off this fine day of thought and gastronomy, there were skictuals on a tray.  

How sweet a confectionary they are!


Veena said...

wait, wait, Popocatépetl? when? tell all.

Anonymous said...

Holiday?? Lucky you! Don't forget to pick some volcanic pumice stones.

km said...

"the kectual whistle": i'm keeping that.

Fëanor said...

sorry, guys, to disappoint. i'm not going anywhere. accumulated a bunch of rhymes for 'ttle' since i learned rather late in the day that 'victuals' rhymes with 'skittles'.

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