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Oct 26, 2010

False Currency

Saw an interesting headline in the Zambian Post recently. 'Rupiah is a lair, Sata tells Mpulungu residents', it said. Got me thinking. Are Zambians investing in Indonesia? Does Mr Sata think that the Indonesians are up to no good? Will they, heavens above, devalue their currency? And why does he say 'lair'? Does he mean that that's where the unwary end up?

That's the problem with working in the foreign exchange markets. Everything one sees is coloured through an exchange rate prism. Fortunately, a quick perusal of the newspaper content disabused me of any foreign exchange related notions. 'Lair' was a typo. That should have read 'Rupiah is a liar.' And, of course, Rupiah is the first name of Mr Sata's opponent at the Mpulungu parliamentary by-election.

Mr Sata added, "I am younger to Rupiah Banda by only six months but I am honest."


km said...

Hence the phrase "sabse bada rupiah".

Fëanor said...

As in 'ye banda kaun hai? rupiah banda!'

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