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Three and a half years after the little imp first went to nursery, he is firmly ensconced in the world of academia. He is surrounded by as many kids during the day as he is by himself the rest of the time. All that socialising has resulted in a tyke with as much Social Intelligence as one can want. He connives and manipulates and ingratiates with the best of the Borgias now.

Still, there are lessons to be learned. He cannot take rejection. If he finds a bunch of kids unwilling to play with him, he insists on piling on, and drops those who are happy in his company. We figure he'll get this behaviour beaten out of him in short order. The last time he tried this insinuating stunt with two little girls, they merely raised their eyebrows in magnificent disdain (which gesture eluded him completely) and proclaimed him 'irritating.' With the boys in his class, it usually ends in a lot of pushing and kicking. Boys are very direct, I find. 

We've told him not to pile on. It took me thirty years to learn this lesson, so I'd like him to benefit from my vast experience. We advised him not to play with the chaps who are not nice to him. He doesn't always listen to our advice.

At first it was all about immediate gratification: 'But I want to play with them.' 

These days it's about improving their souls: 'I want to make them better.'

Clearly we've got some sort of social progressive in our midst. An early left-wing type, if you will. I don't think little boys are particularly liberal, though. This kind of idealism will also get thrashed out of him, and we'll have a proper little conservative among us. 

Ah, yes. He'll begin life with cynicism. It's the only way.


km said...

These days it's about improving their souls: 'I want to make them better.'

He needs to grow up in the US. He could be rich, you know.

Anonymous said...

So sweet. I used to bribe friends with sweets. Things haven't really changed.

Fëanor said...

KM: What, like one of those Chopras?

CB: In these sadly health & safety days, no sweets or nuts at school!

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