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In the BBC series The Trip (directed by Michael Winterbottom – how about that?), Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon potter about the North of England, taking in the scenery, discussing life, and eating at some of the finest restaurants of the region. In Cartmel, they partake of the tasting menu at L’Enclume, where a French waiter describes to them each dish they have:

tapioca crackers There we have some little canapés to begin with. A little duet of tapioca-based crackers, spiced popcorns and the lollipops are made out of duck fat with peanuts.

mallowleafliquor There we are gentlemens. To begin with we have a nice little appetiser. We have liquor made out of mallow leaves, topped with a fizz which is made out of ginger beer, whiskey, as well as chilli.

It’s a Cote du Rhone Guigal winemaker 2006, will be a blend of Viognier, Roussane and Marsanne, a fresh, floral and rounded, and you will find a nice crisp finish as well.

shreddedradish There we are, gentlemens, at the bottom of those little sacks we got some diced smoked kale as well as shredded radishes, covered with very smooth duck foie gras mousse.

humphriespool There we are gentlemens. Your next course is what we call the Humphries Pool. It’s a shellfish broth made out of mussels, clams, cockles which are cooked in their own juices, before to be garnished with a shred of local seaweed.

goatcheesemousse So what we have at the base of the dish, we got a goat cheese mousse and globe artichoke puree, and is garnished with deep-fried globe artichoke leaves, as well as baby Jerusalem artichoke.

manxqueenies It’s a cold dish this one, you’ve got some Manx queenies, which are baby queen scallops. They are resting on griddled baby gem and parsley coulis as well as a light creamy horseradish sauce.

To follow with that, a red, which is from France, Loire Valley which is in the northwest of France, Cabernet from grape, 100%, light fruity easy to follow.

cutofskate Here is your next dish, gentlemen, which is a cut of the skate, pan-seared, served with a little langoustine, which are resting on a base of cauliflower puree and some baby celery stems.

pippinsorbet I have a Pippin apple sorbet, served with a apple cake and butterscotch powder,  and a roasted quince.

candlemintcake More little goodies for you. Candle mint cake.


Antonia said...

Thank you. Your descriptions' transcriptions are, in some cases, even more accurate than those in the subtitles provided in BBC player.
BTW, you might want to get the whole series in HD. Here's a source:

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