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Dec 4, 2010

Dumplings and That

Robert K. Tanenbaum, pulp fictionist and lawyer, apparently has never lost a felony case. Be that as it may, his plots are preposterous. But there is the occasional food for thought (or, should I say, thought for food?). Here's an excerpt from his 2007 novel Malice.
The Black Sea Cafe was famous for its mouthwatering dumplings called vareniki and pelmeni. Vareniki came in a dozen varieties of fillings, from sweet farmer cheese to sour cherries, enclosed in paper-thin dough, topped with sautéed onions, and bathed in drawn butter. When she'd had her fill of them, she would switch to pelmeni, which were stuffed with boiled meats and then drenched in a sauce of cheese and eggs and gratinéed. 
The plan was to wash it all down with plenty of ice-cold shots of Jewel of Russia vodka. However, the buzz wasn't what she was looking for as much as information. She'd yet to meet the man who could keep up with her drinking ability, though Butch Karp's colleague Ray Guma, a man she'd had a brief and forgettable fling with, was close.


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