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Dec 14, 2010

Gervais's Food

The comedian Ricky Gervais launched into a splendid rant the other day during an interview with the Times. He was asked if he ever felt any pressure to conform to the Hollywood notion of acceptable look: straight, white teeth, unwrinkled face, lose 30kg, that sort of thing. In the midst of it, he manages to mention a couple of interesting dishes that I would wolf down if ever I was served them.
“What is in America? Who gives a fuck what anyone thinks? I don’t give a fuck what they think and if I don’t get a film role because my teeth are crooked, then fuck them, I don’t want it. I just go, ‘It’s ridiculous.’ And if I don’t get a film role because I’m not thin enough, then, ‘Fuck you. Why would I fucking do that, you fucking shallow cunt!’ I hate them, and I hate that people think that I would. It makes me angry. I remember when a newspaper said, ‘He’s lost three stone for Hollywood.’ I went, ‘No [his voice veers upwards], I haven’t lost three stone and I would never fucking do it for Hollywood. I did it ’cos I work out and I wanna be fit.’ And that annoys me. Someone said, ‘I saw him in The Ivy and he was having a salad.’ ‘Yeah, I had a salad. I also had fucking deep-fried scampi and followed it with ravioli, you lying fucking cunt!’ So the answer is, ‘No.’”


km said...

God bless Ricky Gervais. He has no equals.

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