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Woo-hoo, a post from foodie television.Viewers of 30 Rock will no doubt revel in the casting of Alec Baldwin as the head of Network Programming and Microwave Ovens at General Electric. He brings to the role a lip-smacking self-satisfaction tinged with just a bit of sleaze and bonhomie, and his corpulence is accentuated by his delicious description of the finest dessert in the world, which, according to him, is served right there in New York, in a restaurant called Plunder:
Jack: "All I want to do for Valentine's Day is go to Plunder and eat the Lovers' Delight." 
Liz: "That sounds filthy, Jack." 
Jack: "It is. Imagine a dessert for two, Tahitian vanilla-bean ice-cream in a pool of cognac, drizzled in the world's most expensive chocolate, Amedei Boselliana, covered with shaved white, black and clear truffles, and topped with edible 25-carat gold leaf. Can you imagine anything better?" 
Liz: "I don't know... you ever put a doughnut in a microwave?"


Aishwarya said...

Ice-cream and chocolate? The world is so unimaginative. I'd go with Liz; I don't like doughnuts but at least it'd be texturally interesting.

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Fëanor said...

True, true. Some donuts are mighty fine. Others less so. I myself prefer a kaju burfi with 38-carat silver leaf, heh.

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