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Jan 24, 2011

Clarksville Education

A friend of mine living in Maryland learned recently that the schools in his district, Gaithersburg, are pretty poor. Some investigation led him to conclude that, academically, nearby Clarksville is better served. Over the weekend he drove over to inspect the primary school in Clarksville and the houses in its catchment area. Million-dollar properties surrounded it, houses far larger than the fairly nondescript school building. The school facilities, at least from the outside, weren't particularly prepossessing either. Perhaps, surmised my friend, the quality is in the education, rather than in the money spent on facile uplifts.

He happened to glance at the big sign in front of the church facing the school.

'God is grayt', it announced proudly.

Now that has given him pause, it has.


km said...

So your friend thinks God is NOT grayt?

//Just for the record: He is VERY grayt.

Fëanor said...

Mebbe he grates and mebbe he graten't.

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