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Feb 3, 2011


Wahey! Foodiness galore in Wikileaks. In 2009, the US Ambassador Robert F. Godec had dinner with the daughter (Nesrine) and son-in-law Mohammad Sakher El Materi of the recently ousted Tunisian president Ben Ali, and reported at length on it. Here is the gastronomic bit:
The dinner included perhaps a dozen dishes, including fish, steak, turkey, octopus, fish couscous and much more. The quantity was sufficient for a very large number of guests. Before dinner a wide array of small dishes were served, along with three different juices (including Kiwi juice, not normally available here). After dinner, he served ice cream and frozen yoghurt he brought in by plane from Saint Tropez, along with blueberries and raspberries and fresh fruit and chocolate cake. (NB. El Materi and Nesrine had just returned from Saint Tropez on their private jet after two weeks vacation. El Materi was concerned about his American pilot finding a community here. The Ambassador said he would be pleased to invite the pilot to appropriate American community events.)


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