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Okay, this is too funny not to pass along. None of it is mine, and the commentary is ‘as is’.

"So just to outline here – these are makeshift helmets made by the Egyptians whilst scrapping in their current predicament. I shall guide you through these pieces of registered army kit thus:
Your classic 1979 ‘Tribottle rag’ helmet – a must in any type of combat

A late 80’s ‘boxhat’. The bloke next to him doesn’t appear too sure of its effectiveness

A renaissance period piece of brickwear teamed with a black and cream scarf. Textbook

I’m not sure that tuna sarnie he is about to lob is gonna cause to much destruction. Old skool 80’s broken bin helmet. I personally love the fact he needs to lift it up to see – does he spend the rest of the time walking in to things??

Textbook saucepaning with lifejacket combo. He does not take, ANY!!

I literally have no idea what this is.

And the winner by 100 miles. This bloke is going to war with 2 baguettes strapped to his ears and a ham salad roll sellotaped to his forehead. I’d def wanna be behind him if someone lobs a load of bricks at me."


woochankeong said...

There were, at one point, talks about lack of food sent to the protesters. No prizes for guessing who'll come up tops when it comes to that!

Maddy said...

ha ha that was nice - btw the guy who was wearing something you had no clues about - he was wearing a pan that is used by construction workers, mainly women to carry wet cement, gravel or bricks from point to point.

Fëanor said...

It occurs to me that most of these chaps are having fun, whereas the same can't be said of those poor people being pulverised by that archfiend Gaddafi.

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